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C.A.N.I. Solutions, Inc.
Chris Miller

100% Trade Services Include: Netrpreneur & Business Consultant (See below for details)

Direct - Contact member directly to make appointment for trade.
Trade Status: Can change without notice. It is best to check w/ broker and/or client before transacting.
Category: Netrpreneur & Business Consultant
Company: C.A.N.I. Solutions, Inc.
Contact: Chris Miller
Phone: (804) 303-4835
Mobile: (804) 382-3647
Address: Richmond Office- Serving The U.S.A.
Email: ChrisMiller
Website: www.chrismiller.biz (Under Construction)
www.webinfarmation.com (My Blog & Web Archives)
www.richmondmovies.com (Owner)

100% Trade Services Include:

  • Internet Development & Planning - DON"T BUILD A WEBSITE without speaking to me first!
  • Strategic Business Developmnet
  • Quick Small Affodable Graphic Design Projects (print/web) example here
  • Fast & Affordable Video-to-Web Conversion
    example here
  • General Computer Assistance
    (purchasing, training,etc.)
  • Web Research & Competitor Watch/Analysis
  • In-Store Secret Shopping/Report Analysis
  • Vendor Solution Research

Executive Summary:

Have a need from outside source?
I'll find the best solution and save you big $ and keep you from making some costly mistakes!

For free resources, fun, and just plain interesting stuff I've come across, take a look at my blog www.webinfarmation.com to get to know me better.

Do you have a business challenge that needs a fresh solution, evaluation, or approach to solve?
Consider me, your solution and resource just discovered...

I have over 18 years of real world experience and sucess in business development, sales & marketing systems, and business model analysis.
I have spent my career helping businesses of all sizes increase their bottom line as an employee, and now I'm on my own, ready to help you!
My services are simple and come with GUARANTEED results driven solutions that can fit every budget:

How it works:
1. Tell me your problem of challenge or
2. Let me observe your business

I'll provide you a written estimate for scope of project, committ to a delvery time frame, and present a plan of recommended action to resolve your business issue.

These are specific detailed solutions with vendor sources, mind-jet maps, and action items. They are not your everyday out-of-the box obvious solutions, but well thought out proven business techniques to increas your bottom line.

I'll monitor your progress and help you implent & manage the plan of action (optional) until results are achieved.

OK, I'm intrigued - what do you charge?
Every case is different, but I'm not affraid to work on a small retainer + share in the increased profits you experience. That way you have little to lose, and we both earn more with your success!

How do I get started?
Call me, or email me and I'll be happy to give you a free teaser approach, example, or appropriate case study on a similiar situation or my initial thoughts for FREE!

Additional Information You Should Know:

* Have spent the last 3 years working on a family friendly home Internet organizer and promotional marketing model for Fingetip Marketing, Inc. (www.cingo.com)
* I assisted and help sell an indoor billboard company to a national firm a few years back - and believe it or not they were bathroom ads!
* Have been featured in Entrepreneur's Small Business Magazine for forward thinking.
* I was a the formal Internet director for 10 radio stations (Clear Channel) in Virginia.
* I have seen, and logged just about every Internet page resource known (just kidding), but actually there's probably not a site, source, or solution I can't discover, research, and recommend in minutes - that takes most hours to find.
* I love to wakeboard, boat, work-and-play hard to enjoy life.
* References, case studies, and all that formal stuff available upon request.

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