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JRTE Power Breakfast – “Cindy, Thanks to you and Patti Jo for the networking opportunity this morning; it went great! The small group was comfortable and made it easy to connect and learn more about one another. I met someone who works with bridal planning who may want to refer my calligraphy services; an ideal connection!”

Jennifer Yane
Jennifer Unlimited - Experience The Value of Experience

I know I’ve talked to each of you about this. However, it needed put in writing.

I will always be a grateful member of James River Trade Exchange. While my wife and I were on vacation (a cruise in the Caribbean), we called home to find out that our daughter’s car was having some issues and I would have been powerless in the situation if I were not a member of JRTE. I told her, “Call Patti Jo at JRTE and she will handle everything. Have AAA tow it where ever she says to take it.” Patti Jo handled it, and I came home to a car already fixed, and no worries while I was gone.

Kirk Aikey

Thanks again for your help, Patti Jo. I loved working with Bev and her company, Imagine This Company. The banner turned out awesome and they really went above & beyond to get it done!

Darrel & Michelle
Owners - Tuffy Automotive Services

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful member Aarrow Transmission is. We recently purchased a 15-passenger bus that needed AC repairs. We got a quote from our regular mechanic, but since it is our slow time of year, we thought to check out our trade options for the expensive repair. Surprisingly, Aarrow did the entire repair, including the parts, on full trade - $1656.31! We really appreciated dealing with such an honest member who gave us a fair price and great service even though we were not a cash customer. It was nice to use up the balance that we have, now we need to do more trade ourselves!

Thank you!

Kathryn Munsey

Massino's Cassinos
(804) 752-2929

It has been so exciting working with Mary Layman of Tri-Media on a new Website for our company, Classic Touch Cleaning! It is our first website, and she led us through all the steps with ease. I think we have come up smelling like…Daisies!!

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Read Arrow Testimonial

My company, Aarrow Transmissions and Automotive, joined James River Trade Exchange in December 2004. Since becoming a member, we have saved thousands of dollars in cash by using our trade credit to purchase necessary items and services.

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Dr. Royce W. Woolfolk, Jr.

Becoming a member of James River Trade Exchange and using trade as a form of currency is a great way for businesses to cut cash costs on goods and services. I recently moved to a new office location and was able to pay for a new telephone system and carpet cleaning by bartering my dental services.

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From janitorial services and maintenance on our vehicles to employee and client rewards, JRTE has proven to be a smart business association and allowed our company to run more efficiently.

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Read James River Press Testimonial Now!

We have freed up thousands of dollars by adding a trade component to our budget, which has allowed James River Press to function more efficiently.

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We have purchased over $23,000 through the trade exchange that would have been an out-of-pocket cash expense.

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