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Bartering businesses spreading in Richmond, nationwide
By: Jacob Geiger
Published: October 24, 2011

Venture capitalist Fred Adler once said, "Happiness is a positive cash flow."

And for small-business owners, there's little question that sentiment rings true. But the economic struggles of the past few years have left plenty of firms looking for ways to cut down on cash spending. And an ever-larger number of firms are cutting that spending through bartering exchanges. (more...)

How I Learned to Love Bartering
Published: June 21, 2011

The last couple of years have been tough on those of us who make our living selling small businesses. At my firm, 2008 was great, 2009 was bad and 2010 was abysmal. (more...)

Channel 6’s Bill Bevins of “Virginia This Morning”
BIll interviews Cindy Creasy about JRTE and bartering among local businesses.
Aired on: 1/20/11
Swap Nation Why Bartering Is Making a Comeback
By Jeff Garigliano
Published: September 24, 2009

If you're feeling squeezed by the recession, maybe it's time for a dollarless deal. These folks have mastered the art of the trade.

Ron Trejo's advertising agency caters to small companies around Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, and when they cut their budgets, he feels it fast. But the economic downturn that hit his business hard didn't stop him from taking his wife on a luxurious weekend getaway to Monterey last spring: three days in a cottage at Pacific Grove's tony Sea Breeze Inn. The Trejos shopped on Monterey's historic Cannery Row and cruised the coast in a rented 1968 Cadillac convertible, winding up in a romantic restaurant on the cliffs of Big Sur. (more...)
Area residents find ways to survive difficult times
By Iris Taylor
Published: May 24, 2009

Both businesses and consumers save cash by bartering.

The U.S. Department of Commerce said bartering accounts for 30 percent of the world's total business. There are 16 businesses and consumer barter exchanges listed in the Virginia Barter Directory online.

Wayne Gross, owner of Aarrow Transmissions and Automotive, fixes vehicles. But for some customers, instead of getting paid cash, the value of the repairs is banked in an account at James River Trade Exchange, a business bartering service on Monument Avenue in Richmond. (more...)

Trading What You Have for What You Need
Published: February 13, 2009

MANY years ago, when my oldest son was a newborn, we did what many new parents do — we exchanged baby-sitting services with friends who also had an infant. (more... )

Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms

Small businesses, squeezed for cash and unable to get loans, are turning to an ancient payment system: barter.

Daniel Blank, creative director at Bureau Blank Inc., a New York graphic-design and brand-identity company, first used bartering when he started the company in 2004, because it was hard to get capital for a start-up. But he hadn't had to barter since then, until now. (more... )

Barter Exchanges Catch On as Credit Tightens
Small businesses find that trading for goods and services not only conserves cash; it can also substitute for borrowing and rack up savings

Shawn Cressman, president of Cressman's Lawn & Tree Care, the business his father started 33 years ago in Bethlehem, Pa., has occasionally engaged in bartering with other outfits over the years. But transactions were usually informal and not necessarily directly tied to the company's bottom line. (more...)
Food411.com has Personal Chef to Go as website of the month. (more...)
Barter a Bit and Give Your Cash a Rest - The Wall Street Journal.
March 16, 2008

When C.J. Cameron, owner of a small travel-marketing company, needs a vacation, he doesn't call a travel agent or search for deals online. Instead, the Palm Springs, Calif., entrepreneur logs onto Barter Bucks -- an online service that helps businesses trade goods and services with other individuals and businesses. (more...)

Work Magazine - Fall 2006
Give or Take - "Cindy Creasy Woolfold's James River Trade Exchange Reformats Bartering witha Business to Business Bent" (more...)
North of The James - January 2005
Cindy Creasy Trade and Concepts by Charles G. McGuigan
Cindy Creasy Woolfolk grew up around music, promotions, public relations, production and advertising. She was immersed in a bath of radio and television from the time she was an infant, and she osmotically absorbed everything about the industry. She’s a gracious woman
with a bountiful heart, a fluid voice and the spirit of a bonvivant. She’s a natural born entertainer with bluegreen eyes, blonde hair and a smattering of reddish freckles over an alabaster complexion. Over the years she has worked hard for small businesses, mapping out advertising strategies, creating marketing concepts. It’s always been one on-one, Cindy and the client. And now she’s taken this to a whole new level with James River Trading Exchange. (more . . . )
Costco Magazine - July 2004
"Barter exchanges link businesses together into trading networks where members trade with one another to turn their under-utilized capacity into new revenue streams." (more...)

Chicago Tribune/Online Edition - October 2004
"Bartering among businesses reached nearly $8 billion in 2001, the latest year the International Reciprocal Trade Association tracking bartering activity, and it is believed to be growing more than 10 percent annually." (more...)

  ContraCoastalTimes.com - October 20, 2004
"Better information flow about what's available for barter, new barter networks, and connections between various barter networks have all contributed to its [trading industry's] growth..."
View/Read Entire Article...
  Women In Business = October 31, 2004
Getting Results and Growing Your Businss with Creasy Woolfolk Concepts (more...)
  Inc Magazine
"A barter exchange - for those who haven't used one - combines the functions of classified advertising and a bank. Customers sign up to sell anything from drywall to dentistry, the exchange compiles the listings in a directory, and buyers contact sellers directly or through a broker employed by the exchange."
  Kiplinger Personal Financial Magazine
"Think of barter as a supplement to your regular cash business, not a replacement for it. For most businesses, producing a 6-8% of sales per year by barter is a reasonable ceiling."
  "The key to successful bartering is know how to use the system. Learn to be flexible in your buying habits. Give your trade broker time to find what you want, and be willing to help by giving referrals."

"There's no tax advantage or disadvantage to bartering. Cash sales and trade sales are treated identical under the tax law."
  Opportunity World
"Businesses are bartering for many reasons. Most important, perhaps, is that it gives them the ability to leverage their cash reserves into more purchasing power while increasing cash flow and lowering overhead expenses."
  Nation's Restaurant News
"Barter exchanges help cash-strapped entrepreneurs stimulate sales, develop new clients, convert excess capacity or inventory into revenue, and acquire goods and services needed to conduct a business. The most important benefit of barter is cash conservation: keeping cash in the bank while using barter revenue to offset normal operating costs."
  Hotel & Motel Management
"Bartering turns empty rooms into valuable commodities. Trading room nights brings hotels new customers to feed other profit centers - such as food and beverage, telephone, laundry and parking -- with opportunity to return as a cash customer and even refer a few friends."

Good Housekeeping
"Small business owners tend to be the biggest beneficiaries of barter because they can trade goods based on their own wholesale cost."

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