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100% Trade Services Include:
Converting paper documents into digital formats that can be viewed and searched for on your computer.

Direct - Contact member directly to make appointment for trade.
Trade Status: Can change without notice. It is best to check w/ broker and/or client before transacting.
Category: Information & Document Management
Company: Information Management Solutions, LLC
Contact: Hallie M. Oxley Jr.
Phone: 800-715-4960 Mobile: 804-302-3058
Fax: 804-977-2760
Address: 6501 Old Warwick Rd., Richmond, VA 23225
Email: Hallie.Oxley@IMSofVA.com
Website: www.imsofva.com

Executive Summary:
If file cabinets, desktop PC folders and sprawling network directories were effective ways to manage information, organizations would not be searching for technologies to replace them. Document management software offers the solution so that organizations can bring both paper and digital documents together in one environment and search, distribute and archive these documents with a level of ease, affordability and flexibility that was impossible only a few years ago.
IMS can help make your work and life easier by converting paper documents into digital formats that can be viewed and searched for on your computer.
Whether you need one filing cabinet’s documents uploaded to a CD or full Enterprise Content Management technology, IMS will design a solution that meets your needs — and your budget.

We will meet with you to discuss your paper processes and show you how document management and ECM will help you:
· Reduce paper handling and human error
· Streamline time-consuming business processes

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