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How to Trade with James River Trade - Richmond Va

1. Click on the members’ tab.

2. Pull up member directory by either name or category.

3. Scroll down to the member with whom you want to trade and double click on the name.

4. Review their profile page to determine trade status which will be indicated by one of the following symbols:

Open - JRTE cards accepted; no appointment necessary.
Direct - Contact member directly to make appointment for trade.
Broker - Contact JRTE for prior approval before trading.
Protected - All purchase must be arranged by broker.
Special – limited inventory, seasonal availabilty, or cash component.
On Hold Purchases - trade purchases not approved at this time
On Hold Sales - trade sales not offered at this time

Look for specific contact name and number.

6. Look for special instructions, procedures or cash fees.

7. Look to see what is available on 100% trade.

8. Always identify yourself as a fellow JRTE member before asking for any quotes, placing any order or signing any contracts as . . .

  • Not all products or services are always on 100% trade.
  • In-store procedures may be different than cash sales.
  • Some employees may not be aware of how the trade agreement works.
  • Commissioned sales people may not be able to assist you.
  • Not all JRTE clients may have the balance or account status to allow for large ticket services or products.

1. Get customer’s JRTE account number and or business name.

2. Call 804-257-7126 or email Office@JamesRiverTrade.com and state or put in the subject line put “Authorization Needed”.

3. State JRTE account number or business name and name of the person purchasing the service or product.

4. Relay the amount of the sale.

5. Include a description of the service.

6. You will receive an authorization number which confirms transaction where Seller’s account in credited and Purchaser’s is debited.

7. Record authorization number on your invoice/documentation for future reference.

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