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Why should you trade through JRTE and not directly with other businesses on your own?
Trading on your own is often difficult because:
  • The business with which you wish to trade directly must desire an equal amount of your product, dollar for dollar.
    This rarely happens, and usually leaves someone shortchanged
  • You have to spend time, resources, and money to find the business owner with whom to trade
  • There is no one to officially (or accurately) track and record daily trade transactions that occur throughout the year when trading direct, and not through a trade exchange
  • There is no one to offer you creative and proven ways to leverage your trade more effectively and proactively
  • It is difficult to trade, on your own, for certain items/services (like advertising) that are usually available in a trade exchange
  • Trade opportunities are limited to only those businesses/owners you already know
  • Trading direct does not promote your business - exposure is confined to the trading parties themselves
INSTEAD... James River Trade Offers You:
  • Credit Lines to begin purchasing on trade immediately
  • Experienced Dedicated Broker to help you in your trade endeavors
  • Complete Trade Record Keeping/Accounting Services
  • Monthly Statements itemizing each trade transaction in detail
  • IRS 1099-B report at the end of the year
  • Weekly e-Flash Alerts showcasing new trading opportunities, introducing new members, and highlighting events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Seasonal Specialty Trade Offers
  • Annual Trade Show to showcase your product/service
  • Quarterly Socials and Special Networking Events
  • Referral Incentives to earn FREE trade & cash
  • Profile Page on our website
  • Promoting Your Business through flyers, newsletter and e-mail blasts
  • Dedicated Sales Staff to sign up services you need
You get all this for...
  • One-time only membership fee for life-time membership (other plans available)
  • Low monthly trade contribution (applied to member events, JRTE advertising, and other member-related expenses)
  • Lowest commission fees in the industry; 12% on purchases only

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