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Considering Membership with JRTE?

Why use trade in the first place?
Trade is a smart, supplemental approach toward growing and operating your business. Conserving cash is one of the basic principals of business. As hard as it is to earn, you should safeguard cash for payroll, lease agreements, equipment and of course, the unexpected. That's where trade comes in! Joining a trade exchange like James River Trade Exchange has more benefits than you might have realized.

You can literally trade most anything from a massage or dental care to vehicle maintenance and web design. For a minimum investment and commission fees on your trade purchases, your broker at JRTE will assist you in finding the services and products you need or want – all through barter.


• Membership in a business network that allows you to move excess inventory, increase purchasing power, & conserve cash
• Immediate exposure to new customer base
• Access to an established trade network with a projected volume of $500,000 plus
• The lowest trade commissions in the industry


• Various levels of participation
• Tailor-made membership program
• An open membership exchange – we publish our list of clients
• A unique way to offer employee benefits, incentives, rewards and bonuses
• Representation in various business networks
• Media advice and counsel
• Recordkeeping of all your barter transactions
• Automatic billing and monthly statements
• 1099 B statements
• Co-op Advertising Trade Reimbursement Program
• A JRTE member card
• A JRTE transaction receipt book
• Free custom member profile page on JRTE site
• A mass email announcing your membership to other JRTE members
• A listing on the JRTE website membership page
• Weekly JRTE Email Alerts and Updates of new member, events, opportunities
• A JRTE monthly newsletter
• A promotional insert one-sheet in monthly billing statement per year
• An email announcement to members per quarter.
• JRTE networking opportunities
• Quarterly JRTE social mixers
• Free training for your staff/employees

How can you use trade to garner new cash business?
There are several ways: Use trade dollars to advertise your product which brings in cash customers. Market your business with a direct mail campaign, flyers, or signage for events, store locations or in-store visibility. Use your trade dollars to design promotions by trading out door prizes, dinners, trips, etc. Have a website designed or have an ad campaign created distinctively for your business. Hire a caterer or a promotional company on trade to show appreciation to your clients or customers with a special event or party, strengthening loyalty and solidifying relationships to ensure future business as well as referrals.

What makes our trade company different than others?
There are many differentiating qualities that set us apart. Unlike some trade exchanges, our membership is open, meaning JRTE members are listed on our website. JRTE promotes your business on its website and other mediums. JRTE designates an experienced broker to partner with our members, assisting with trades as well as managing trade accounts. Whether you trade once a week or only once per quarter, JRTE will develop a program designed specifically for you and your business. Through sophisticated software, JRTE tracks and monitors your trade transactions (sales and purchases), keeps precise accounting records and generates monthly statements as well as yearly1099B reports for the IRS as well as a copy for your files. We host several social events throughout the year bringing together our members and guests providing networking opportunities.

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