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Learn More About Barter
Benefits of Trading:
New customers-
New customers will choose your business over your competition because you accept James River Trade dollars.

Additional customer referrals-
JRTE members tell their cash-paying friends about their experiences with your business, resulting in additional cash sales through member referrals.

Lower overhead-
Keep your cash to increase profit margin while spending trade on expense items.

Move idle inventory-
Do you reduce prices on discontinued or overstocked inventory? Why not turn this inventory into retail trade dollars rather than discounting your prices?

Keep valuable employees-
Reward valuable employees by offering benefits, incentives or bonuses - without spending cash - such as dental, chiropractic and eye care, automobile maintenance, spa or restaurant certificates and more!

Additional ‘sales force’-
James River Trade promotes the products and services you specify to a new market of buyers that may have otherwise overlooked you.

Expand your efforts-
Ever wish you had enough cash to do the "extra things", such as remodeling, employee team-building, upgrading your website, or hosting extra-special company event? With trade you can do it all!

More Marketing Opportunities-
Advertise without having to increase your marketing budget! Spend earned trade dollars on marketing tools to attract even more new cash business.


Business-to-Business barter is BIG BUSINESS and legally recognized by the IRS...

According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), it is estimated that just in the U.S. over 470,000 companies actively participate in trade for a total of over $12 billion in annual sales.

Over 65% of the corporations listed in the New York Stock Exchange are presently using Barter to reduce surplus inventory and bolster sales and to ensure that production facilities run at near capacity.

"Trade is a powerful tool that represents a solution for companies with available inventory or services. By accepting payment in (JRTE) trade instead of cash, a business maximizes their efficiency by increasing inventory turnover or billable hours. Using the trade dollars earned, that company can then purchase goods or services they want without paying cash."

James River Trade Offers You:
  • Credit Lines to begin purchasing on trade immediately
  • Experienced Dedicated Broker to help you in your trade endeavors
  • Complete Trade Record Keeping/Accounting Services
  • Monthly Statements itemizing each trade transaction in detail
  • IRS 1099-B report at the end of the year
  • Weekly e-Flash Alerts showcasing new trading opportunities, introducing new members, and highlighting events
  • Seasonal Specialty Trade Offers
  • Annual Trade Show to showcase your product/service
  • Quarterly Socials and Special Networking Events
  • Referral Incentives to earn FREE trade & cash
  • Profile Page on our website
  • Promoting Your Business through flyers, newsletter and e-mail blasts
  • Dedicated Sales Staff to sign up services you need
Trying to broker trade on your own is difficult because:
  • The business with which you wish to trade directly must desire an equal amount of your product, dollar for dollar. This rarely happens, and usually leaves someone shortchanged
  • You have to spend time, resources, and money to find the business owner with whom to trade
  • There is no one to officially (or accurately) track and record daily trade transactions that occur throughout the year when trading direct, and not through a trade exchange
  • There is no one to offer you creative and proven ways to leverage your trade more effectively and proactively
  • It is difficult to trade, on your own, for certain items/services (like advertising) that are usually available in a trade exchange
  • Trade opportunities are limited to only those businesses/owners you already know
  • Trading direct does not promote your business - exposure is confined to the trading parties themselves

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