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June 19, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

My company, Aarrow Transmissions and Automotive, joined James River Trade Exchange in December 2004. Since becoming a member, we have saved thousands of dollars in cash by using our trade credit to purchase necessary items and services.

James River Trade Exchange has allowed Aarow Transmissions and Automotive to use our automotive services to fund high-cost purchases that ordinarily would have detracted from our cash flow. Some of these purchases are:

1) Advertising in multiple mediums (radio, television, print, and direct mail)
2) Developing and maintaining a website
3) Printing Aarrow Transmission business cards and other office necessities

These expenditures required a very small cash investment relative to the retail value of the services we received.

Aarrow Transmissions and Automotive has benefited from its association with James River Trade Exchange and its members. JRTE provides its members with useful business tools and options that allow companies to operate in a smarter and more efficient manner. I urge any business owner to evaluate how JRTE can help their company become stronger by using trade.


Wayne Gross, Owner
Aarrow Transmissions and Automotive

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